5 Different Types Of News That You Can Find On Newsnow Nigeria

Have you ever read a newspaper in your life? If you have, you may have an idea that there are many types of news that you may find there. Some of them will give you knowledge about what is going on in the world and will aware you of many things. It will offer you true and authentic news on newsnow nigeria and will be able to get more information. 

If you do not have the idea that what are different types of news that you can get from the newspaper, then you should read this out! 

Types of news

Here are some types of news that you can easily found in the newspaper and some of those types are mentioned in the following points-

News Report- The news report is prepared based on past events because you will be able to get the evidence for that. If you are writing the news report, you should know that you need to keep in mind that you always tell the truth. This report will be used at different places, and even students will make their reports based on this. That is why it is important to keep all the points in mind and make a report based on the right and true research.

Feature article- Most people get confused between the news reports and feature, but there is a difference between them, and that is of time. A person prepares the news report based on the recent past, whereas the feature article is based on the late past. It can be about anything such as political, economic, personalities and many more. Another point of difference between the feature and article is entertainment, as the feature article is based on entertainment and also provides the facts.

Editorial- This is the section which is necessary to fill in the newspaper. In every newspaper, you will find this section always, and in this section, you will find the ideas and the opinion of the editor. In this section, the editor talks about the different aspects and then gives their opinion about that. The opinion can be different; some may work in sarcasm, or some may write in a positive way.

Letters to the editor- There are many things that a newspaper also o so that they can keep in touch with their reader. It helps in giving many opportunities to the young journalist so that they can show their talents or skills by writing letters. In this column they can talk about the situation that is currently going on or they may talk bout some other complaints and if the people like that in the press it will get published.

Sports News- The next type of sports that you can write about the sports only can write according to the column. There is now more freedom to write their opinion so they can write according to that.

You may have got the pretty idea that there are many types of news that you can find on newsnow nigeriawhich can be very beneficial.

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