Have you ever thought about the role of chemicals in our life? When compared with the usage of chemicals before, they got vast importance in this 21st century. From domestic use in our life to the professional to our career, they got a significant role.

According to the latest reports, chemical industries had been emerging worldwide and held an essential place in the economy. Here, we had listed the top five chemical industries in the world.


BASF is the most abundant chemical producer globally and takes the number one place in the world’s top chemical industry in 2017. It is a German company with a sale of 74.06 USD billion in a year. The firm has over 300000 customers and a lakh of employees, founded in 1865. The industry is divided into five segments, such as Chemicals, Performance Products, Oil and gas, Functional materials and solutions, and Agricultural solutions.  Their products range from Pesticides in the Agricultural industry to Food additive in the food industry.


DuPont is another primary chemical industry based on the United States of America. It is the combined firm of both DuPont and Dow Chemical. It began its production with gunpowder mill when it was founded in 2017. There are various types of chemical productions. The chemical list includes Corian, kalrez, Kevlar, Kapton, Mylar, Nylon, Nomex, Orlon, Sorona, Rayon, Tedlar, Tyvek, Vespel, Zytel, Zodiaq and others. The primary production of the company is Freon, a type of Chlorofluorocarbon used for refrigerator purposes. They are also used in the manufacturing of polymers, synthetic pigments, and paints.


Dow is the largest USA chemical manufacturing industry and got the second place after BASF in 2017. The primary production of the company is Agrochemicals, plastics, and hydrocarbons. Apart from this, performance plastics like polyurethanes, engineering plastics, and other automotive materials have been produced by this industry. They also export the 6000 finished chemical products, including the hydrocarbon and chlorine-based raw materials to nearly 35 countries. Compared with the other sectors, Dow produces a large amount of caustic soda, chlorine vinyl chloride monomer, ethylene dichloride, and Styrofoam insulations.

Evonik Industries:

Evonik industries produce large amounts of specialized chemicals. They have various sections, including chemicals, real estate, and energy and mining operations. The company has six different chemical production segments, including consumer specialties, advanced intermediates, inorganic materials, coatings and additives, Performance polymers, and health and nutrition. It is ranked in the top 10 chemical companies in the world.


SABIC is the Saudi Multinational chemical manufacturing company which is founded in 1976. The company is rising as one of the largest chemicals producing industry in recent years. If you look upon their sales, it had been increased in a significant range when compared with the last year. The firm is known for its high-quality chemical unit production. Their sale is about 72.40 billion per year.

Apart from Chemical industries, there are many Research chemical organizations are famous in the world like Lizard Labs who have expertise in this field and also selling their products worldwide.

According to the experts, chemical industries would take the leading place in economic prosperity globally wide. Considering the demand from the customer and the need for chemical substances, there will be an exceptional growth of the chemical industries in the future.


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With the growing demand for health insurance, the number of frauds is increasing. There are a lot of customers, but only some are smart enough to analyze the fraud. The company tries to make you believe things that aren’t possibly true. It is our primary motive to protect ourselves and our family from any scam. Cross-check the scheme that you are going to buy and before buying it consult as many people as you can.

The government has made effective measures to help us stay away from frauds, but there are other alternative ways through which one can avoid any insurance scam at its initial stage itself.

Below given are the tips through which one can avoid insurance scam:

  1. The very first stage for detecting fraud is by checking whether the salesman is behaving aggressively while selling the insurance. Also, never make a purchase of insurance over a call, mail, or fax, even if they assure you that they will provide you with a good deal.
  1. Never fall for false claims ordeals, because most of the insurance scams are done by this method. There are a lot of requests like sign up and get 20% off, which are nothing but their tactics to trap an individual in their scan.
  1. If your salesperson ever tells you that insurance is mandatory by law, then it is false because law never forces someone to buy insurance. Still, it is highly recommended to buy one.
  1. If any salesperson tells you that they are selling licenses, then it is undoubtedly a fraud. The license of any insurance company is issued by the state government itself and not by any federal organization.
  1. If the company claims that they will provide you with the medical discount card through which you can get a discount during the purchase of medicines, then it is an absolute fraud. Also, if you feel that it may be correct, then at least cross-check with pharmacies, doctors, or testing centers. Ask them about the deals, whether it exists or not.
  1. If the cost of the insurance is quite less as compared to the market standards, then it can be a fraud. This fraud will surely hit you hard when you are in a critical situation, and you aren’t able to claim your insurance. Try to get the best deal and not at a lower-priced agreement because it can create the worst outcomes.
  1. There are some physical exams taken before issuing insurance, and it is mandatory in most cases because if not done, it can cause a problem in the future. So, if the company follows comparatively less procedures then just ask them the reason behind this, as many individuals are easily trapped in such circumstances.

In the end, always trust your intuition before buying any insurance, because your intuitions can never be wrong. If you feel anything suspicious, then communicating is the best solution. Ask as many questions as you can, because the more you will interrogate, the less the fraudster will be able to answer you.