How many types of poker games are there?

It is believed that poker is having ancient roots as it was originated around 1000 years ago. It is also called a domino card game and card game. It is believed that China, Persia, and France have started the roots of this game. But back in that time, around 1803, it was a 16 card game, but by the end of 1834, it became a full 52 set card game.

It is believed that during CIVIL WAR, soldiers of the south and north played poker. Later in 1871, queen Victoria heard about this game, and then it has been bought in Europe. Later on, many other countries like China and America were very much impressed by this game, and then it came into existence worldwide. Later on, many casinos started poker in their offline land-based casinos as a game. There are many variations in this game that one can find on situs poker online while discussing some famous game below.

Chinese poker

The name itself tells where it was originated from. It is most distinct and unique from all other variations, as this variation has a different pattern from all other poker games. It can be played in minimum four players. 13 numbers of cards are distributed in total and the winners are decided who has the following three things

  • Their top 5 best cards
  • Second best strength of 5 cards
  • Weakest 3 cards

As soon as one arranges these three things, he/she will show all these orders. The one who has the strongest of all these hands wins. This is a type of game that is not on many online casinos. If you want to play these types of games, you can search on the internet situs poker online, and you will get your results.


This is a variation of stud poker where one has to make the lowest hand possible. This game has a ranking system where flushes and straights aren’t counted. This is a game where only aces are counted, i.e., starting from lower-end A 2 3. It is one of the easiest games to learn.

These types of games are very much common in an online casino all you need to do is search for situs poker online, and you will find your game and start learning real cash out of it. In a razz, game bets are mostly streamlined, which helps you make more money. Also, razz is more accessible to play than Chinese poker and all other variations.


To conclude, we can see that there are various types of poker variations to choose from, but one should choose from what he/she can play. There are both easy and challenging types; one must stay confident to choose his/her variation. Chinese poker and razz are two popular types which are discussed above. Chinese poker is difficult, while razz is a bit easy. If someone wants to play poker online, there are many situs poker online to choose from, but one must choose a highly rated and reviewed site.

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