What are What Are Cast Iron Radiators and Why Do We Have to Select

The radiator’s original material is a tried and true cast iron. It’s a great choice for projects of restoration or homes which desire a traditional look due to its distinctive old-fashioned aesthetic. We have a range that can be used in any space however, it doesn’t suggest that they can’t look stunning in a modern space.

Cast Iron Radiators

We’ve been a top provider of Cast Iron Radiators for the past 37 years. Our standard, Victorian, vintage, and antique cast iron radiators work for contemporary interiors, historical homes, and educational institutions.

Find modern, vintage, and traditional rods made of cast iron

Cast Iron Radiators Cast iron has been a popular radiator material that has been used for generations. It is a great choice for restoration projects and homes that long for the past due to its distinctive timeless appeal.

Why choose us? Why should you select Cast Iron Radiators ltd of Yorkshire

Why should you choose to Buy a Cast Iron Radiator? Cast radiators in all of our models are materials that hold the heat for an extended time. Iron radiators made of cast iron have evolved significantly in terms of aesthetics and performance. They look amazing when compared to more contemporary designs and are awe-inspiring and are a great feature in any space to create a sense of character and ambiance.

The efficiency of a cast iron radiator in aluminium or steel products is a frequently asked issue. The idea is that casting iron radiators may be a more traditional and more conventional heating method, they are not efficient in terms of energy use.

Why choose us? Why should you choose Yorkshire’s Cast Iron Radiators Ltd?

Cast Iron Radiators Ltd. is much more than just the presence on the internet. We stand out as there is a store located in North Yorkshire and our own Cast Iron Radiator Factory. Cast Iron Radiators are our business. We are not only a middleman or distributor.

Cast iron radiators can be found in several Period Home stores across the UK All radiators are found in North Yorkshire, and we have a leading role to play in the field. This type of radiator is available in different sizes and shapes is one thing that makes it so flexible.


Its depth as well as the BTU production of the heater are dependent on the number of columns it is equipped with. The need for more columns is likely to ensure that the room is efficiently heated in large open areas.


You can choose the perfect Victorian radiator to your house from 12 different heights, which range from 325mm to 920mm!

If it’s a 6-15mm 2-column model that is ideal for small space, you’ll be able to locate your new radiator on our website.

Complete Your Radiator

Our store located in Lincolnshire allows us to build your radiator to meet your requirements when we design an entirely new radiant system. We’re confident that we’ll have an option that will match your interior design ideas because of our range of more than 10,000 colours and finishes.

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