SEO has become the need in this digital world. An only well-optimized webpage gets more traffic in the search engines. So this article is about the role of SEO in Google ranking.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization is about growing the quality of the website by increasing website traffic. Thousands of searches take place in every search engine, and only well-optimized sites are visible to its users, so it is vital optimizing your webpages to increase the traffic. SEO helps in getting unpaid or organic traffic to your site.

Now let us move on Google being the top search engine with seventy percent of the search market share, how its ranking is essential. SEO is hot career option nowadays. You can find man great SEO agencies like SEO Lancaster pa in the US and UK.

Why is Google ranking important?

At times, you might be confused with how does the search engine turns to become an essential factor in improving your business. As mentioned before, Google is the top-rated search engine, and this search engine decides to make your website visible to its users or not. So if your website is top-ranked, then there is a cent percentage chance for your business to become better. Because a top-ranked website always gets more visitors than an unseen site.

So now, we will move on to the relation between SEO and Google ranking.

SEO and Google ranking

Though Google offers you PPC (Pay per Click) that is the advertiser pays the publisher (Google) for each click on the ad, SEO can give you ten times better results at a lost cost due to its organic search results. Let us explore what the crucial things to be taken care of for a better Google ranking are.

  • Quality content: Google always gives top priority to the content quality of the website. If you want your website to rank better positions, make sure that your content can provide quality information to the users rather than bluffing things.
  • Keyword optimization: you can use Moz or Google keyword planner tools to understand various primary/secondary keywords that are supposed to use in your article. Also, make sure that your article is understandable for an average user. Google prefers the content to be drafted in simple language without much complication.
  • Content length: Don’t get surprised to know that content length matters a lot in ranking. The content with more than 2000 words attains the top positions in the ranking. So adding words to increase the word length is going to help you reach top ranks.
  • Mobile-friendly sites: Among the 3.5 billion searches, Google gets every day; more than sixty percent are mobile searches. A mobile-friendly website always shows the same content on all devices, while some sites show less content or manifest errors in other devices. Make sure that your webpage is mobile friendly if you want better Google ranking.
  • Security and accessibility: Secured website build with a well-coded website builder is essential. That site in which Google can easily access to analyze the content and does crawling on its URL ranks better in Google ranking.

Now, you might have an overview of how SEO plays a vital role in your site’s Google ranking. So do not forget to fix the problems that might hinder your site from being top rated.

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